Kingdom Family

Doctrine of Peace


I understood by books whereof the word of the LORD came to the prophets, that which he would accomplish, and it is accomplished and I confirm those words. Consecrate yourselves to day to the LORD and become one of the priests, to fill and to restore.

To fill men with food that they fill their houses with laughing and rejoicing, and the desire of all nations shall come, and all the earth shall be filled. Princes that have gold, who fill their houses with silver and with good things: their mouths filled with laughter and their tongues with singing, fulfilling the word of the LORD which he spake concerning this house and it's sabbath.

I grant you according to your own heart, I fulfill all your counsel and all your petitions. Build this house, that my name be therein, and rule over my people this day. And every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD God he shall be able to give, and not one man shall have lack. And every creditor that lent ought unto my people, release it; he shall not exact it, because it is the LORD'S release and the exaction of every debt is to establish my dominion.

Arise, a great nation is in the power of your hand, and as the overseer over my house I lay my hand upon you and give you a charge. Rise up, take your journey, go and take a nation from the midst of another nation before their eyes. And there shall be no poor among you, that the poor cease out of the land, open your hand wide. I command the blessings upon you in your storehouses, and I open unto you my good treasure, lend unto many nations but do not borrow.

I anointed you to give rest unto my princes all the days of their life, causing both riches and honor to come unto them, in your hand is power and might, to make great and to give strength unto all. I put my words in your mouth, and now, I loose you this day from the chains upon your hand. Change your behavior before them, then shall the hands of all that are with you be strong. I have made a hedge about you and about your house, and about all that you have on every side. Instruct all and strengthen, bind up and make whole, all that I have is in your power.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.