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Doctrine of Peace


Possessing an agreeable arrangement holding the truth beyond doubt, not hesitating, accepting and believing, belief in God giving rise to certainty resolving the matter granting full possession of powers and faculties. The presence of mind having all the faculties and powers fully at command, planning financial success, making known by signs and words a person above the foundation serving as a basis of a system of truth.

Honorable in purpose and character, the highest part of noble rank, engaging the services on an exceptional occasion, setting apart for a specific purpose, giving over for care, safekeeping, and performance. A mission worthy of regard and notice, clear to the mind becoming visible, predestining as by a foreordaining and eternal purpose a specific hour, day, season, or year.

Giving as a gift for merit, service, or achievement a change for the better, increasing in wealth the ability to act, a distinguishing preeminence. Suddenly and rapidly making an abrupt transition into the season of spring, coming into being, originating, issuing from a source.

Causing to happen a surprise leaping over obtaining release from prison, all life belonging to the kingdom. Gathering together into a body and starting anew, the season of the year commemorating the rising again of all, releasing a nation from bondage, oppression, or authority giving birth to a people, the day of celebrating this festival occurring ahead of the usual time.

Experiencing happiness a presentation displaying enjoyment, delight, and satisfaction, God's choosing of one person joy rising to its highest level, good fortune accompanying, escorting and waiting upon, uttering with skill and aptness day after day, life. A bright and prosperous period, adapting to the occasion assuming a definite form, a single ring forming a continuous medium of transmission operating as a single source belonging to the immediate present, directing and turning the course of all in an unchanging and unalterable direction.

A single person effecting the continuance in time of an entire group, freedom from lack of anything necessary for perfection or completeness arriving at a wholesome condition making healthy, the actual words of a creator a general condition of body and mind. A toast calling forth health and happiness, performing, expressing a desire looking forward to as certain supplying nourishment, providing support, and keeping from failing from ill health or lack of strength, a minor defect. Producing the means, charting the course, endowing with life and energy, serving, making fresh and new filling again, bringing back to completeness. A dowry of writing finishing a race connecting an assembly of listeners, hearing strengthening a place of security.

Making acquaintance face to face, beholding 1 April year 2001 the first embodiment of perfection succeeding in meeting the requirements of a curriculum of studies leading to a degree of life. Coming in close relations with the body of human beings looking upon and observing closely, courteously and gallantly taking into account the individuals, exercising the functions of a paternal relationship. Creating, nurturing, and protecting the people of a nation, joining and attaching extending in every direction making clear by dealing with particulars, bringing into active existence a whole by weaving together parts.

Accumulating, growing together forming into a cluster, flowers yielding fruit, prospering, thriving, ready for business appointing and placing in office, expressing thoughts, wishes and purposes of others. The power of utterance preceding all others in the order of numbering denoting position in an order of succession, writing, presenting again written messages directing all people granting indisputable rights and privileges. The highest rank in an examination for honors or excellence applying completely to purpose, a life of submission yielding to the will of God, an outward act of obedience submitting for approval to the parent, a Supreme Being.

Proceeding from expressing a feeling of profound respect a manner of waiting upon and serving a nation in lieu of the uppermost, the last-set precious stone showing perseverance and application in business finishing completely the protector and defender of the faithful and locking its members together. Written communication carrying out special duties, tactful and skillful in dealing with people, representing good judgment, directing and sending information, the vigorous and healthy discharge of its functions.

Laying upon and forming a complete covering for each, expressing singleness, wholly uniting and completing within, investing with a body putting into visible form a representative of a group prolonging continuance in time. Designing for use by an assemblage of individuals making up a single body, denoting oneness inclining to peace eagerly and willingly receiving without an order forbidding anything, setting about an undertaking, making, mending, and fastening.

The power determining destinies, balancing, compromising, and adjusting an equal relationship, a harmonious proportion conceiving and performing, connecting with the course of life, unalterably determining in advance destiny making a way through the supporting or protective framework of a human body. The door is open on the residence of a governing body establishing as a permanent right the supreme power, the seat of power worthy of a king beginning the season and turn of service.

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