Kingdom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Several have written in response to my teachings of Peace, saying, Who are you? Do I know you? What is your purpose? Others, saying I have read your doctrine what shall I do with it? I am a man, chosen and separated about seven years ago, given a new spirit and a new heart, taught a new way, and sent to lead, to teach and to serve.

We are born into the land of the living knowing nothing except life. The head, the lord, the master, is formed according to the writing the eyes behold. Therefore we first learn to serve ourselves according to ones own desires, lusts, and needs, living each day to the full, knowing not when the end shall come. And the joy and pleasures of the living are many, but some, hearing the sound of the first warnings cry out unto God, and he had ordained the coming of law.

But God spoke the law to other generations through chosen men while they lived, that they speak to their generations, and at their end, the life of the body ascend to God who gave it. And the words were written in a book to be read of all men throughout the determined generations as the way of eternal life, the ascension of life into the heavens. But with or without the law the end of life on the earth, in the body, was certain. Therefore it is ordained that all that are ruled by the words of those men, and of those generations, shall follow their masters.

But I have a new spirit, the words of the living God spoken through one mouth, through and to, the living. And written in the Doctrine of Peace, in which all that pertains not to endless life is removed from before your eyes. All is new, and the gift of God to all of this chosen generation is heaven on earth, endless life. The Lord is the head, and each body is ruled by the writing thereof therefore choose life.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.