Kingdom Family

Doctrine of Peace


After several years, this season my eyes saw a tree in my backyard, and without doubt it is an orange tree. I know because it is fruitful, it bears fruit unto itself, attached to the tree. And the seed thereof by which it multiplies and increases is within the fruit it brings forth. All living plants obeying God are fruitful, producing after its own kind to itself and giving freely of itself. And its seed planted in the earth multiplies, God causing the increase.

But all living beast, including man, in disobedience learned to multiply producing its own image and likeness detached from itself without being fruitful unto itself, and the fruit of the living is life. But God looking upon this generation has again planted in the midst of the earth a tree of life. And the fruit thereof, the word of the living God spoken with one mouth, is the good knowledge of God, the truth, the spirit of life.

And the seed of this fruit, planted in man, God increases, thereby multiplying days upon the earth. Consider and understand, open your eyes and see the tree from which you have eaten and recognize it by the fruit it brings forth. These are the words of life, spoken by the living, that all may take, eat and live forever. Receive the words of life, be fruitful and multiply.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.