Kingdom Family

Doctrine of Peace


I have spoken previously of receiving a new spirit and a new heart, a mind (the man) and a heart (the women) giving birth to a new way, the way of life, the way of God. Born again a son of the King, I am set in the world as the head of God. Eyes that see the needs of all, ears hearing the cries of all, a mouth bringing forth health by speaking what is good for all, lips of truth proclaiming liberty to all, and a nose inhaling the spirit of God and exhaling the same spirit of life to all. And as the heart of God, the love of all, established to perceive the desires of all and to provide nourishment and comfort to all. Rejecting ones own mind as reprobate, by definition selfish, to conceive and bring forth the will of God for all.

But the kingdom of God in this world is not of words only but also power, and the power ordained of God in the world of the living is money. But scattered by our own selfishness we are of small power, powerless, while others capitalizing, utilizing the devices of wickedness, gather into their storehouses the power to lord over the children of the kingdom. Therefore I am empowered to build Kingdom Family Treasure Houses, utilizing the policies of God to ensure that none serve themselves of you again forever. The captivity of poverty and lack shall and must end and I declare that I shall open those prison doors and all prisoners shall go free.

And I shall restore unto you, your homes, properties, businesses, lands, farms, dreams, and the dreams of your children: these things my hands have started and my hands shall finish. Bring me an offering willingly from your heart, not reckoning what will come of the money, giving freely of yourself thereby confirming your choice. Trusting and choosing a new way, the love of family having one God and Father of us all, caring, sharing, and providing for all. And the keys that lock the doors of captivity, credit, interest, collateral, investment, insurance, payment plans, taxes, and wages of labor, I shall remove and destroy forever. And all God's children shall enjoy the gift of life, and live it abundantly. For this have I come to the knowledge to the truth, and by this knowledge shall you live forever.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.