Kingdom Family

Doctrine of Peace


For almost seven years my family and I suffered all things, my Father requiring the loss of all things, until I have nothing that I call my own. Learning obedience that I receive of him all that he has, always mindful that all that I receive is to be shared equally with all. And as we now depart Florida, leaving behind all painful memories, to arise and build in the mountains of Colorado, I am clothed in royal apparel, my Father covers the shame of my nakedness: from this day forward and forever, the power of Almighty God rest upon me for good.

I stand in his presence, the only living mediator between God and man, and he speaks unto me that I speak unto you. My words God speaks, truth, life, and they shall make you free. Born the second son, whose words are a quickening spirit, the power of endless life is in my hands, the fingers of God. All wise hearted men and women gather now with me and give of yourselves, and write me that I may place you according to God given skills and abilities, in your cities and towns, to restore to all people power and dominion over their lives.

Pastors, Priests, and Elders, I also in the beginning taught the gospel as I received it. But God translated me unto the good news of Peace, thereby giving a choice to all chosen to minister. How long will you look back? Once a seed has been planted in the earth and bear its fruit, it cannot be replanted nor can it bear new fruit. But the word of the living God spoken continually is always fruitful, a fruit tree bearing fruit whose seed is within it. I call for you this day to choose life, join with me in performing the words of these writings and in serving God's people, but you must choose.

My heart God touched, but I do not yet understand this love. My beloved, I willingly give all for you and to you, you are my joy and the rejoicing of my life. I live to serve you, and there is nothing else I desire to do. All that I speak, all that I require, and all that is within my heart beginning this day my Father will do, and I ask this day, everlasting joy, health, wealth, riches, and endless life for all.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.