Kingdom Family

Doctrine of Peace


The Lord God, my Father has born a second son, my head, and his name is named upon me, the Lord: the head of all living. And I have built him a house, a house of rest, my body, and he has chosen to place his name there, the house of life.

The first born of my Father came into the world for the purpose of dying, obedient until death, believing in hope, faith, that the power of Almighty God would raise the soul from hell on earth, the sorrows, sufferings, and afflictions of the body. He also built a house, but the communication restraints of the times dictated that he speak with many voices: there were many lights in the upper room.

And his words they wrote in books, his name was named according to the language and speech of the region or nation where the words were written, the confusion of our times. Therefore he spoke thus, think not that I am come into the world to bring peace, for I have not come to bring peace but a sword, division, and a house divided can not stand. And as the master of the house died, life ascending into the heavens dividing asunder the soul and body, thus he spoke to all that would serve him saying, follow me. And you shall see the vision in the clouds, descending as seen ascending, and this day, the day of death you shall be with me in paradise, as the way to everlasting life.

And this is the pass over kept of all according to law, not choosing the house passing over leaving it behind: life to the soul in heaven, death to the body on earth. But I say unto you, let no man speak evil of this first house, for this tree also and the writing thereof, the knowledge of good and evil, is the planting of our Father, the Operations of God.

Obedient until life, I have built a second house, and with my Father's ring upon my finger I alone have authority to speak and write in his name. The son has risen and my Lord, my master, my head is Almighty God, my Father, heaven is upon the earth.

My Father is everlasting life, and retains the charge of the inward business of this house, speaking through my writings the good knowledge of God, the life of the body. Speaking with one voice, healing you from the soles of your feet to the crown upon your head. And learning the experiences of life, the teachings of my Father, you shall age without being stricken by the years that all might see that the power of a father is in the obedience of his children.

And the house that you shall build, he has made provisions, his judgments, commandments, and statutes written by my hands, the book of life. Restoring unto you his gifts of eyes to see and ears to hear clearly both afar as God, and near as man. Lips pronouncing only that which is good, the words of your mouth shall stand and the gums shall bring forth it fruit as needed, as in the beginning of life.

And the spirit of life your nose inhale shall not depart from your body, for my Father has opened the storehouse of his good treasure, endless life on earth, in the body. Choosing life, the inward operations of God according to these writings, your shall live and shall not die. And in this place where it was said that they are not a people, I say that you are children of God. And this is the pass over that you shall observe, according to the spirit of life, the writing of this book written by my hands, preserving whole your soul, mind, and body.

All are sent on life's journey, in times pass to the wilderness, to Egypt, to Rome: from childhood to adulthood. Mine was a seven year journey from Florida to Colorado, afflicted by the troubled waters of our times, shipwrecked twice being bitten by my lying tongue, the serpent, and abandoned by family and friends, stranded in the isolation of a selfish world, and robbed of all that I possessed. And now I stand in my place, the beloved of God seated upon his throne in the land of the living. The eldest son of the generation of life, the Prince of peace, the charge of the outward business, the nourishment and comfort of all, is upon my shoulders.

The fashion of this world shall change and the foundation is established in my heart, justice, equality, balance, liberty, joy, honor, glory, power, dominion, and riches and wealth for all. This is the land of promise, my Father's land, the kingdom of God, this second house where all are made alive and live life abundantly.

And taking of my robes I shall clothe you, put shoes on your feet, and give unto you of the ring that is upon my finger. Falling upon your neck weeping tears of unspeakable joy and raising you from your knees you shall stand upright upon your feet. And opening your eyes and lifting up your head I shall lead you into the chamber to stand in the presence of our King, our Father. And he shall forgive you, embrace you and kiss you, and lay his hands upon you strengthening you, that all the world know you have stood in the presence of God and you bow to no man ever again, forever.

And now I understand this love, my beloved brothers and sisters, it is the love of family having one God and Father of all. An abundant life for all, the joy of salvation unto all, the sound of peace flowing from all, the sabbath of our Father resting in the obedience and prosperity of his children. This is the most holy place and the outward business for which I have the charge. I bid you, choose life and peace the beginning of your journey: I love you and miss you, and need you all.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.