Kingdom Family

Doctrine of Peace


My beloved brethren, I professed a good confession before all kings, princes, powers, and dominions of this world, I am the risen son of my Father, the Lord God, the only God. And that I built him a house, and he accepted the works of my hands, seated me upon his throne, the ruler of his house, his kingdom, which I built. He is my head, he chose out my way, sat chief, rule as king, living, walking, and talking within the earth, my body. And I dwell upon the face of it, my Father and I, one heart, one way, one mind, one soul, and one body, the peaceful habitation.

Though I am rejected of all because of my confession, standing alone I am not ashamed of my Father: I am the Son of God. But the children of disobedience, while openly declaring that all living souls are children of God, deny him before men, denying that you are the son, choosing to be fatherless, rejecting life: to deny the son is to deny the Father also. And every tree must produce it own kind, our Father is everlasting life, therefore he who sees that he is the son has everlasting life.

And the hope of eternal life is that all see and believe that they are the sons of God having everlasting life, death having no more dominion in the earth. The risen son is not divided but preserved wholly, the mind, soul, and body, blameless, without condemnation. The soul is not left in hell, our Father bringing heaven upon the earth, and this most holy place, the body, shall never see the corruption of death: this is my resurrection and my life, the anchor of my soul.

And I am of your brethren, a man, the mind and body. I drink beer, truly enjoy a bottle of red wine, and barbecue spare ribs are a particular delight. But I was afflicted for my salvation, and my testimony paid the debt that you be comforted in your salvation, my faithfulness is unto all. I am the comforter sent of my Father, to deliver the children of obedience from the power of the law that sin has no more dominion.

For the law makes sin appear as sin, therefore to see the sins of the world look to the laws of the land. For the strength of sin is the law and the iniquities of the children of disobedience are framed by it, every living soul a prey, hunted, afflicted, oppressed, and taken advantage of for ones own profit. Lines of credit to those unable to repay the debt, offering minimum payments to rob them with interest, this is sin justified by law.

And no law of man benefits the poor and needy, no not one. Builders price houses above reach to commit their brethren to thirty years of servitude, requiring payment of many times the purchase price of the property. Growers and distributors of foods fill store shelves, closing their ears to the sounds of hunger and starvation. Physicians refusing care to the sick and elderly without advance payment or insurance. Pharmacist fill their shelves with the ability to relieve all manner of sufferings but with empty hearts close their eyes to the needs of their brethren.

Bankers openly robbing the poor with foreclosures and repossessions find justification in law. Even something called the freedom of religion, the right to serve and worship any god, calling on their names before and in the presence of our Father, disobedient to his law which states you shall have no other God before me, this also is justified by the law of man.

Children of obedience rise above this, break from the grip of it, and reject it refusing to participate in the affliction and oppression of your brethren. Bring me an offering from your heart, the beginning of the kingdom, meat in my house, restoring unto me all which was stolen. And you shall be comforted as I am comforted in you, as my restitution so shall your restitution be.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.