Kingdom Family

Doctrine of Peace


The fashion of this world is changed, the only power in the world is the word of God, the truth our Father is Lord of heaven and earth. Man cannot serve both God and money you are translated into the kingdom of God, the glorious liberty of children of the living God, princes and princesses all things are yours, the gifts of your inheritance. I am given the service of ministering the gifts, and distributing the oblations of God unto you.

I stand in the presence of our Father and receive from him that I give unto you. The head of the house, I see the needs of all and hear the cries of all: the prayers of all. And I speak to our Father for all, mediator between God and man, peace, his sabbath of rest. Your desires is the hope God places in my heart that the request of all ascend as one for all, the answer returned by one as gifts to all, and having all things common your election is sure.

I speak with my lips faith, and our Father gives all things pertaining to life by the knowledge of him, enlightening the eye of my understanding, denying not any request of my lips. All that I see he gave implanting his words in my mind, and a copy of the writing is published to all, the joy placed before you, the good news of peace spoken from the mouth of our Father, all your eyes see he gives.

Faith is the words of hope God places in the heart, the things not yet seen, treasures ready to be revealed. All scripture written before are the hopes of other generations given for our learning. Hope that is seen is not hope, for what a man sees why does he yet hope for it? Now filled with all joy and peace in believing, abound in hope that I speak to you prophesying through doctrine, the grace of God in truth. Prophesying is not for them that believe not, but for us who believe.

The trials of your faith, those days are over, and the end of faith is salvation: you are delivered from the bondage of corruption, saved from wrath, and reconciled to life. According to his mercy he saved us, in the regeneration and in renewing of his word. All authority is given unto me and I place no diseases upon you, you are healed of all infirmities, cured of all addictions, and your strength is renewed as in the days of your youth.

The gifts of eyes to see and ears to hear clearly as men are restored, and your gums shall bring forth teeth as in the beginning of life. And the spirit your nose inhale shall not depart from your body that all people of the earth know that our Father put a difference between children of obedience and children of disobedience. Nothing is required of you children of God, you are whole, go the way of peace, and as I speak in doctrine be it unto you.

And I shall speak to the children of disobedience with the tongue, speaking with the tongue is for a sign, not to them that believe, but for them that believe not. And God bears witness, both in signs and wonders, and with miracles and gifts according to my will, that the revived word of God grow mightily and prevail, and that each man stand. Learning to trust in the living God, the Saviour of all men, they shall stand and be judged, call on the name of the Father and be saved, it is the power of God, the hope of eternal life.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.