Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


On the fourteenth day of this month, all that know God saw his child translated into the kingdom of God. And on the fifteenth day, to all that obey the gospel, his Father performed all the works promised according to my words. No one can change the truth of God into a lie, I alone witness these works, and I continue to stand alone in the kingdom of God.

None live in the place where you now are, but to believe God's words and live, you must first believe that he is and that he lives. Hear this word, go into your bathroom and close the door. Standing upon your feet before the mirror, the looking glass of life, with your hands resting before you, look straight ahead face to face, you are the express image of your Father.

Open your mouth and with your lips, call upon his name and you are saved. With tears flowing down, the only baptism, stand still until the waters cease, and your Father is revealed unto you. Look into your Father's eyes and settle it this day, confirm that you are his child and receive everlasting life. Go near unto him, putting your hands upon his hands, draw close, cross over, kiss him and he shall kiss you, embrace you, and forgive you.

Arise, stand upright upon your feet, and go into the presence of your Father walking in the light of the living, the book of life. And know this day that our Father is yet alive, and our God is God. Child of the living God, your life is within you, and you shall not die.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.