Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


We have suffered together, and we have learned obedience, end all works, the building of the second house of the LORD is finished. We served in debt, discontented, and distressed, serve no longer in sorrow, sickness, hunger, poverty, and want of all. Today is the rest of the holy sabbath and this is the place of our Father's rest, come into this house blessing your household, and none shall serve themselves of you again, forever.

Our Father's house is a house of love, the doors are open this day, the ears of all the children, and no man shall close them. And I declare a decree, and make a proclamation throughout all the kingdoms and nations of this world, to all that enter through these doors, death has no more dominion.

And sin shall have no more dominion, poverty among our family, and the ancient captivity of affliction and grievous servitude has no place in the kingdom of God. And if any of our brethren owe money to any man, we, the family shall pay the debt, we make it good it is our Father's release. And together we shall restore unto all people their possessions, their homes, businesses, lands, and farms, the people's pride, honor, dignity, and the dreams of their children.

Precious possessions, you are the treasure of the living God, enter into the treasure house and come into the king's treasury opening your hands wide, it is time for all to receive money. It is the latter end not the beginning, we are many not few, and our substance is with us, the holy seed, the tenth our Father have given to all the children for an inheritance.

Every man and woman that does any manner of work, our Father gives wisdom to do it, putting into your heart what shall be done, to see the business, to provide a service, to fulfill a need of the family. His purpose and his will is our labor, and some is rewarded with much, some with little, but the reward is to meet the needs of all and to fulfill all the desires of all, personal wealth above this is excess. And our Father gives the ability to obtain wealth, not for excess but that the abundance of some fulfill necessities of others, gather much and have none over, gather little and have no lack. No one can live unto himself, but if each one live for all then all shall live.

Honor our Father, bring all the tithes and offerings into this house and give unto all, not according to law but according to love. Giving equally, the tenth, according to ones ability, ministering unto God by servicing one another. And I shall sum the money, gather together in great abundance, increasing the riches and distributing the wealth and honor to all.

I am full, and it is not possible that I could love you more, but all I have is life, love, and peace, yet I stand, and all that I have I freely give. Stand with me, raise the poor and lift the needy, princes and princesses, we are family. Children of God, this is the fulfillment of the word of the LORD concerning this house and it's sabbath. Arise a great people, a wealthy nation, rulers of your own houses, and every day shall be a day of feasting and joy, sending portions one to another, the peace is revealed.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.