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Doctrine of Peace


Be agreeable, pleasant in social behavior performing as if on a stage, the outward show continuing in a state of pleasure, the manifestation of the overall external appearance presented to the mind by factors connected with an act, event, or condition of life. The inherent powers of the mind by which one perceives the obstruction of power relating to the human body, the sensations of pain, pressure, heat, joy, and sadness, exerting the right, ability, or capacity to exercise control demanding immediate attention forcing out the fluids of the body.

The external appearance of the exchangeable value as describe in writing or printed on the memory of an uniting force to influence the parts of the body authorized to carry out some specific obligatory service pertaining to the administering of justice. Becoming keenly watchful, lacking independent power to move, bestowing an abundant life by giving renewed strength or vigor.

Developing to maturity marked by nobility of thought and exalted reputation, heaping up wealth and possessions without time acting as an intermediary, happening quickly and without warning, forcefully and effectively changing place or position. The exertion of power by introducing into the mind one who pursues and enjoys matters of the intellect and of refined taste, and giving back a mental representation or a model around which a person of importance is given direction to express in words assured of success.

The final and authoritative confirmation the surrounding conditions of life, the outer self valued greatly and the internal workings forming a mental image of a structural whole protecting the state of health. Freedom from failings or any disturbance of peace, the hinting at or arousing indecent thoughts of poor health having particular symptoms, a mental behavior arising from and indicating the presence of diseases. The overall reaction or effect produced on the senses or feelings taking place in the mind, accomplishing according to rule with organized regularity.

A pleasant facial expression is the force producing the effect of ascending, rising sharply above the usual level as mapped out in the mind as a course of action and making an abrupt transition. Accompanied by the granting of all, not precisely conceived or stated, but requested or hoped for.

Being looked upon with tender affection, preference, enjoyment, official consent and divine favor, joyous and lively expressed by means of a smile. Producing laughter and changing residence, dislodging from an impassive position having the truth situated on the other side. Removing from power any contradictory impulses, throwing into confusion or disorder and defeated unexpectedly.

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