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Doctrine of Peace


You spent a specified portion of existence divided and restricted, conceived, engendered and brought into life before assuming distinctive form, unborn in the later stages of development kept within the bounds of the past. Passed into and through pierced imperfectly or thoughtlessly to reveal neglect, treating as undeserving of consideration and affecting with sharp mental pain to express and cause to collapse a very brief period of time.

A severe decline and deep dejection characterized by withdrawal, an abyss so deep that one cannot return from it. A stinging sensation raising the ears, a mental sting spreading through every part with deteriorating qualities or principles, infecting, causing to fail slowly in health, beauty, and excellence. Made commonplace, exhausted from worry and anxiety, the condition of having arrived at fullest growth with no common factor, the beginning of spring.

An examination to confirm formally a state of approval, or confer the power of flight. A period formed by a gradual increase or dividing into parts, to go beyond the limits or extent of the 60th part. A specific instant of time, a fixed limit measured with the utmost exactness, the maximum development, strength, or value.

Conspicuously clear and free from uncertainty readily perceived by the mind, the brink of a cliff, an excessively high price, a very steep mountain, the interval of time outside the reach or scope separating contrasting concepts or kinds of behavior. To inhale life and to exhale air is to be alive, to hold the truth in doubt the time of a single respiration is to lie in death. A message in writing sent with speed, official information passed through an intermediary and published from an official source, to give expression authoritatively and bring into a specified state or condition. Rapturous with joy carried away with imposing height of emotion, in a dreamlike state being beside oneself through overpowering anticipation, extravagant delight.

>From a prone position of earlier time low in mind and spirit and making errors in reading or speaking, to a point at which two parts are joined together. A place of union where the roads cross, two contrasted directions the distance from the base to the top having sloping sides, a ridge made in joining two pieces. Going far beyond bounds, speaking or writing in favor of widespread changes and reforms coming immediately after in time but mentioned before occurring, the extension from exterior to its opposite, one of the two ends, joy or sorrow, rich or poor, life or death.

The successor after the second, being one of three parts regarded as a definite portion of duration, the continuance of time allotted to a narrow passage, one who leads taken as a model accompanying so as to give protection or guidance, the apparent path of a heavenly body. One of the three individualities in the union, a modification that distinguishes the speaker, the person spoken to, and the person spoken of, three parts three times as great. Distinctive characteristics of a person of outstanding or distinctive qualities, that which constitutes a personal existence and a personal nature.

An infant arising from ancestors distant in time having regained sound health, having the same parent, full as opposed to half brother being an indispensable part of a whole wholly finished everything included. Giving or promoting pleasure the power capable of arousing sensitive feelings, a mental state brought about by one who is beloved, the capacity for service and the quality of spirit enabling one to meet opposition with fearlessness. The reality or actuality of carrying out a purpose to completion, the bringing forth of offspring, the beginning of existence, parentage of a succession of persons connected by blood. The birth by separate parts the hindmost of the main body divisions, a continuous structure designed to enclose the young protected and developed before birth. Not fastened or confined, free from bonds or restraint, an absolute hereditary constitutional ruler.

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