Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Show visibly the will to remain alive, stand face to face with the truth free from religious seclusion, withdrawn, living apart from others. Held by custom repeated at regular intervals, addicted to a ceremony or ritual unrelated to the physical or material matters about to occur.

Be reinstated, restored to health and vigor and given back all lost or taken away. The business of placing the body undergoing treatment in a harmonious arrangement to facilitate healing, the treatment by operative procedures without instruments, childbirth. A medicine founded in truth capable of rendering long service mending the break up of peaceful relations, the breach of amity.

Forcibly separated into pieces, a breach of peace and unity of feeling seized and carried off forcibly, carnal knowledge capturing and snatching away. Passed over, lacking continuity troubled emotionally or mentally, not fully developed lacking finish and polish, and viewed with regard to suitability for some particular purpose upsetting the normal functions. Separated and driven away in different directions reducing pride, having the spirit of a slave showing affection or seeking favor by shrinking or crouching in fear or cowardice.

Becoming deformed and weaken lacking firmness of purpose, feeble as from old age ruined and unproductive, unable to meet the claims of creditors made obedient or capable of performing tricks, peculiar skills or knack, as an animal. Adjusted to a circumstance or environment falling short of having perfect speech uttering orally as opposed to written, taken apart at the joints, dismembered, ready to be managed shrewdly and deviously for profit. Employed habitually permanently fixed the period it takes place, has taken place, or will take place.

Experience the joy and pleasure of common ownership of existence rather than unionized workers ruled and directed by agents that exercise power over matters of business. Freedom from oppression, absolute power arbitrarily or unjustly administered the domination of a government. Having personal liberty from the act of confining or holding human beings, free to use the mind actively and deliberately performing the proper function, free, clear, and excused from irresistible impulses or tendencies which humiliates, degrades, or injures self-respect, a human right. Free to an excessive degree having thorough knowledge and formal authorization or consent, actually considered now, not engaged in a regular job being occupied having no just or adequate return.

A maneuver designed to deceive or outwit and to keep under control within limits, excluding parents and their children. The original progenitor of a family line denoting succession in pedigree, beings having characteristic uniting them, their beliefs, attitudes, emotions, behavior, a people having the same traditions, language or ethnic origin, whose liberty is forcibly restrained.

Kept spellbound influenced by an irresistible fascination worn to ward off evil or ensure good luck, uttering a part of a written word the least detail, mention, or trace supposed to produce magical results. Captivate by a terrifying anticipation, reverential fear, dread mingled with a feeling of profound respect enslaved by a special grace that relates to sufferings and death.

Held in check, puffed up with absolute confident in the workings or results of any chemical composition intended for use in the treatment, prevention, or diagnosis of diseases. A combustible mixture used to transport in the open spaces around and above the earth designed to rise and float in the atmosphere.

Defy courageously, without the protection of conforming to the usual or expected course, unadorned, without disguise, beaming with kindness and love the bliss of heaven, distinguishable, the outer layer erased and blotted out as written characters from memory. You are created exceedingly precise, having inventive and adaptive ability secretly active, the capacity for overcoming inertia, the power to restore to a original condition, and to displace or dismiss conditions of ill health as defective functioning. The result of putting forth the power of an obligation, in writing, under seal, the union itself. Shielding and defending from attack, harm or injury, the supporting structure surrounding a human body, a preparatory step intended to give a general impression of a work to be completed.

Showing a presentation of one who is at the head as the eyes, nose, and mouth, as of a written work having all the essential or original parts unbroken and uninjured. A mold or frame that gives shape to the body supporting, enclosing and interlocked as gear wheels, being above designating a formation of a specified period. Seizing and holding firmly a distinct piece of interrelated parts, the written or printed copy the dividing line made by searching carefully portion of a book or a chapter to cause to multiply by natural reproduction, spreading from person to person an opposite direction.

Be perfect in nature having power free from distress inflicted or suffered, a brief outburst of few words, harsh, severe, to distort the meaning manifesting anger often accompanied by depositing of moisture.

Be durable again by understanding oneself, a mended place, mistakes set right, raise to a higher more desirable condition and recovering health.

Be elevated, deserving of special notice, erected for fame, and presenting an extraordinarily imposing appearance worthy of respect. Being of the highest creative, animating power of God, increase in strength, the power of thought and concentration producing offspring, care for and bring to maturity.

Be informed uncover timely knowledge, a favorable time the pleasant aspects of spring, jubilant, triumphant, elated, stirred to action and awaken to life.

Be gathered together, without covering open to view having no natural outgrowth, placed together and interlocked to bring forth as being in the early period of life. Existing in nature the entire span of life, the people alive at this given time, a generation. Increased by the addition of earnings derived from wealth available, regaining control of the seat of government to put an end to the siege. Yield to sovereign authority, surgery in order to remove the period of existence measured by time past exerting pressure to move away.

Be accepted, final and authoritative confirmation or ratification, the quality of reproduction achieved, examination without obligation: mental concurrence, acceptance of the truth without a trial of strength. The exchange of materials, a contract to pay the entire amount of recompense, a promissory note of exchange, this paper showing this specific period of time given over to this special work or activity as beginning January 1, 2001.

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