Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Having knowledge reaching to, arising from, and affecting the richness of nature, I, Harold L. Chapman, dedicate myself completely to performing the duties connected with, pertaining to, or affecting the entire body of human beings, to living free, at liberty, with common ownership or participation in the government. To wait upon, accompany, work for and to perform the duties of personal service, watchful guardianship, held in keeping tending to needs or requirements.

Having power to put in circulation, the mutual giving and receiving of equal sums, an indefinite amount authorized as a medium of exchange. The amount, capacity, or extent determined by a system of measurements to give a specified value to goods and services, the amount to be paid in settling a demand by public authority, the obligation to make just or adequate return to another.

To put into practice, differing from the ordinary medium of exchange, a record of monetary transactions given at regular intervals, to affix an official seal as proof that the fee has been paid by government authority. Generous and unrestrained spending, given and yielded freely in large quantity, exceeding reasonable limits, overly lavish in expenditure, the amount by which a capacity is exceeded, wealth existing in plentiful supply an abnormal growth of the body.

Done without conditions or qualifications to spread in all directions, and having directly above protection and support I am delegated the right and power of King beginning December 1, 2000, all life starts anew. To attend royal and princely personage a line of descent from family stock, coming into view the external or physical aspect, recurring after a definite interval the final outcome, the outward appearance.

Moving suddenly and rapidly to expand and extend over, the exterior upper covering designed to enclose, surrounding, serving as support, the height of a series of steps growing and becoming greater, fixed payment for professional service. Moving upward lying along an ascending slope to mount up as from a mental inclined, coming into being. Living human individuals perfect, without limitation an inherent quality, the real nature, the final result, last step, existence without beginning or end, endless duration. Supreme Beings, offspring, the outcome of a process going forward after a stop, to carry on, doing, putting forth power publishing from an official source.

A period to be at peace so as to refresh oneself at exactly the specified time, a demarcation used as a visible imprint fixed firmly in the heart and mind indicating the passage from winter to summer. The right of acting authoritatively, a pictorial representation one with the Father chosen to represent proof of authenticity, and to write showing the nature of the one who finances and controls the purpose or end for which everything is created or intended.

A name officially registered to indicate the separation of decisive stages in the growth, development, and life pattern to aid in the mental grasping of power to do what is intended. To dwell with attentiveness continuing to live, the ultimate state pronounced upon the body, a step distinguishable in the passage or duration of time, an occurrence of this flow is the state of being completed.

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