Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


By the effort of the people yielding to the power or authority put forward for acceptance or consideration, not secret or a hidden legislative bill, attain lasting and mindful regard. A salutation, a rule of personal conduct, and a commemorative observance making evident or noticeable the bearer of official dispatches assuming the responsibilities or duties passed on by heredity.

Announcing publicly the release from bondage, oppression, or authority all citizens of the United States of America. Sending forth with an audible sound, making known beforehand by delivering divine messages, interpreting divine will, and fulfilling the prediction made under divine influence and direction. Accepting and following a doctrine of having or sharing in common, mutual participation, a mutual sharing of thoughts and feelings.

Relating, touching or treating lovingly, conveying information as the means or channel of admitting gladness and rejoicing, helpful, favorable, and given free, official communication to take pleasure or delight in. Coming into observation, perception, or recognition delicately effecting with little weight or pressure, as one who loves, accepting eagerly feelings of enjoyment, delight, satisfaction, or extreme pleasure, causing or permitting to be seen deep devotion or affection for another.

Perceive with the eyes and gain knowledge and awareness of by means of one's vision. Come to understand and apprehend with the mind a formal announcement, officially proclaiming as especially noteworthy an elaborate banquet for many persons. A day of rest, done in commemoration with joyfulness recognized by all as the truth and celebrated in public. A widespread and illustrious reputation praised in the highest terms carrying through to completion, affecting the public at large. As predestined, celebrate as a holiday animated existence, the period of light and the final outcome.

Put an end to, as no longer having force or validity previously learned behavior or past experience. Being observed demand rigorously the full payment as being due or proper, decreed by formal enactment considered as binding and performed in a prescribed manner. Associate closely guarded against and not likely to be exposed to danger, standing firmly not easily moved, shaken, or overthrown, continuing in the same state without essential change, able to withstand decay or wear accordance to specifications. A close examination of printed communication publicly displayed. The prescribed position of readiness, an authoritative direction or enactment setting up and appointing a person devoted to life.

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