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Doctrine of Peace


Bring about the state of continuing to be, possessing existence, imparting life and making alive, spurring to action moving, arousing, creating, directing and guiding by divine influence. Producing activity and energy a spiritual state of individual existence, life, liberty and happiness a manner of living by an outward form.

Bringing together in close union, mingling and combining, harmonizing the varying necessary parts forming a close connection, physical, social or other ties joining in action and interest attaching permanently or solidly to the Doctrine of Peace following closely.

A uniting influence voluntarily obligating cementing the union itself, having as property belonging to oneself, power regulating and directing, governing one's mind acquiring and holding new information, knowledge mastering a craft, working methods or manner of performance.

Saturating with reasoning and seizing for public use, conceiving in the mind designating a type of reproduction, the mutual interchanging of ideas in the United States of America giving forth as a result improvement and development through study and effort reversing direction.

A natural product the mode of dress, manners, living, good form and style, prevailing in high society among fashionable people, a structure large and imposing for storing and sheltering, establishing and founding a union of dispersed states and unrelated peoples.

Forming mentally contributing to improvement and success, outward construction, a preliminary sketch or a general plan of the subject matter perfectly clear and complete in every detail, rendering as due and granting an exact similarity, equal in value, meaning and effect superimposing, coinciding with or resembling each other.

A decisive role, correcting, settling or modifying an action or expectation giving half, the visible form presenting itself the greatest possible at the greatest distance. The condition whereby half is the mirror image of the other half serving as a means of perceiving and identifying as by previous experience, acknowledging the independence and validity, indicating appreciation and approval, regarding as genuine giving permission and admitting the acquaintance of the outward appearance.

Producing from life a likeness evoking a mental picture, the counterpart by meditating or careful consideration, folding of a part upon itself changing direction passage from one medium to another. A different closeness of parts perceivable by the eye, near by and readily available reproducing the external appearance.

A person corresponding to a narrative account designating a purpose, voluntarily undertaking clinging or sticking fast, applying in action working at a profession, performing repeatedly acquiring skill or training. A visible external structure displaying in bodily form a general plan or concept deviating from a customary course altering the relative position, rousing from indifference or inactivity undergoing stirring of a particular kind of earth, a medium for development or growth.

Distinguishing a species peculiar and special, physically appreciable real ideals in action forming other associations, the composition of a mixture joining into a single unit closely blending, incorporating, conducting the affairs, managing, instructing, leading, telling the way, setting free and releasing as an outgrowth letting fall by letting go.

Bringing forth as offspring existing, happening, developing and meeting needs, occurring at the right moment, a suitable time in keeping with the season coming near the beginning granting all request, blooming, blossoming, furnishing a sweet wine, dark red. A sheltering place providing protection, stability and security, a safe place caring for the ill, aged and the destitute, cherishing, replacing the left-hand side now.

Enlarging inwardly and outwardly developing proper form, newly made, obtaining and receiving not having doubts, a spicy characteristic flavor indicative of the elderberry a dark purplish red. A steam that flows into another more than sufficient abounding wealthy, growing lushly and profusely, full of joy and vigor generous and unrestrainable, transferring freely to the permanent possession of another without asking anything in return. Paying out and disbursing applying and devoting to purpose, providing or expending in great abundance, overflowing with sentiment serving, demonstrating and proving beyond doubt.

Convincing and conclusive pouring out in volumes a style of writing in purpose, truth is precious involving much expense, the price paid complete and sufficient reaching the greatest amount or degree possible, permissible, or attainable. The face wholly illuminated, uttering with the lip articulating and modifying plans for the future prolonging free from injury or decay, founding in truth a separately bound part of a work filling a volume.

Complete visibility, satisfying and pleasing in relation to duration having a definite pitch, the inherent powers of vocal utterance gentle and pleasant in sounding and hearing distance, rich and productive. Tenderly loving in great favor, very dear, powerful and rich, reaping the ear and head having a new offensive or defensive weapons a set form of words petitioning God or by earnest wordless communion with God.

Establishment of a truth by truth awakening a favorable response, accepting willingly a new relationship as that of son, into the family as a child coming into being inducing into the mind life, ascribing as belonging to wisdom and designating by a common name. The union of society under one teacher pursuing a study together wholly in the power of compensation and reward, acting as a friend showing friendship. Love extending far inward or backward, or to either side rising to a level or penetrating to a depth difficult to understand, a natural gift of a personal existence, the embodiment of the God of Love in the Son of Peace.

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