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Doctrine of Peace


Be a single individual designating not specifying or precisely identifying a group contrasting with others, single in kind having individual identity closely uniting the family, a single unit chosen to represent a single person, someone, anyone, an individual among persons.

Of one consequence in harmony and accord, characteristically different from one another varying in kind and form, many opinions, aspects, or points of view. A diversity of appearances, diverse colors reflecting light appearing as of different color from different points of view, having a tendency to change.

Existence a concept of the perfect man, understanding, grasping, expressing a mental image, thinking, becoming pregnant and not subject to death, living forever, deathless, having unending existence. Eternal unending existence living forever receiving from God, an immortal being covering with a body putting into visible form.

A special peculiarity excellence a personality trait of superior birth assigning to a specific purpose designating a species. A being, a qualifying word ever living that cannot portray or represent speaking of or treating individually, children greatly loved enjoying the doctrine and acceptance of the truth that there is but one God, the ruler of life and the universe.

Granting as a gift a formal and systematic written account of life, the Doctrine of Peace dedicating to use and purpose, entitling to respect and recognizing works. Deriving from his doctrine the characteristics of one believer confirming that a person is the means or channel of admission to all the privileges.

My Father and Mother in earth, head and heart, I honor you, your kingdom is in the present life doing your request on earth. Giving this day abundantly, everlasting life, health and happiness, wealth and riches for all, forgiving all, leading all, delivering all. Thank you for this kingdom, and power and glory forever, so it is written and so it is done. Dedicating and devoting my life to this cause as a visible sign of a solemn covenant, the Anointed, the Messiah, the deliverer of all foretold by the Hebrew prophets fulfilling this prophecy, a title and proper name of all, Holy Communion this Lord's Prayer.

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